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Kia pioneers energy-saving ventilation systems for Soul EV through extreme winter testing

A comprehensive winter testing programme is being carried for the Soul EV pure electric vehicle ahead of its launch in the second half of 2014, finalising development of the car and testing several innovative new drivetrain and on-board technologies. Engineers are subjecting the car to the most extreme sub-zero conditions that Soul EV owners are likely to experience during the colder months of the year.   The primary focus for the vehicle’s validation test in Swedish Lapland is the introduction of all-new Kia heating and ventilation technologies.


Kia looks to set the streets alight with radical provo concept at Geneva

Looking every centimetre a road-legal racer, Kia’s new provo concept, unveiled at the 83rd Salon International De l’Auto in Geneva, mixes ultra-modern technology with a self-confident and agile look to deliver an exciting new B-segment car for enthusiasts.   The sleek, low, yet muscular coupe-style hatchback mixes a petrol-fuelled turbo-charged engine with clever regenerative-electric motors to bring a smart-hybrid solution to this fun-focused concept that points to Kia Motors’ future B-segment expansion plans.


BMW i8 Concept Spyder

Under the banner of its sub-brand BMW i, the BMW Group is developing a range of purpose-built vehicle concepts and complementary mobility services which meet the changing needs of customers and redefine the understanding of personal mobility. As well as adopting intelligent technologies and innovative design, BMW i is pursuing an all-embracing approach defined to a significant degree by sustainability throughout the value chain.   Following the presentation of the BMW i3 Concept and BMW i8 Concept, the BMW Group introduces the BMW i8 Concept Spyder to the mix.


Fisker Karma

The Fisker Karma sedan has been crowned ‘Luxury Car of the Year’ by BBC Top Gear magazine as well as ‘Car of the Year’ by Top Gear TV presenter, James May. As a start-up American car company, this award is very significant for Fisker Automotive. Top Gear is the world’s leading global automotive magazine and television show and, importantly, is based in Europe - the heart of the world’s top luxury automotive brands.   The Karma – Fisker’s first production car – is a 403 hp luxury sedan and the world’s first true electric vehicle with extended range (EVer).


Rolls-Royce 102EX (Phantom electric) completes world tour

102EX (Phantom Experimental Electric), returned to the Home of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars in West Sussex, England this week following completion of its global test programme.   Since it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March 2011, 102EX has undergone an intensive programme around the world, stimulating debate on whether electric motoring can deliver a true Rolls-Royce experience, and providing key insights from customers, thought-leaders and media. Market research is now being collated and the company will publish its findings in the first quarter of 2012.


Battery Electric Volvo C30

Following the recent announcement of the 99g/km Volvo C30 1.6D DRIVe and the plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid in 2012, Volvo is also evaluating the viability of an entirely electric-powered C30 known as a BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). And unlike some battery-powered cars, the Volvo C30 BEV features the same safety, comfort and space as the standard car, including four seats. The difference is that the C30 BEV is powered solely by electricity, emits no carbon dioxide emissions, and has a range of up to 93 miles.


Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC) began delivery of its i-MiEV electric city car in Japan from July 2009, mainly to corporations and local authorities. Since then, MMC has already received orders for all 1,400 units to be distributed during the 2009 fiscal year. MMC plans to start sales to individuals from April 2010 tapping into an additional set of customers.  In preparation, it started to take pre-orders through dealerships since 31st July 2009.  At the end of August, after only a month, 900 pre-orders were already received.


Mini E in the UK

Pioneering drivers wanting to be part of the MINI E UK research project can now apply online to lease one of twenty prototype cars destined for British roads.  The online application form will be hosted at from 01- 30 September 2009.  Comprehensive details of the project are also available on this website. Each MINI E will be available to lease for six months from December this year. A second round of applications will then be invited in 2010, allowing a further twenty drivers to lease an all-electric MINI for a six month period.


New fuel cell car from Mercedes-Benz: 100 percent driving pleasure, zero emissions

Mercedes-Benz is launching its first series-produced fuel cell car on the road: the new B-Class F-CELL. The environmentally friendly electric car has better a performance similar to than a 2,0-litre petrol car and is fully suited for everyday driving. The zero-emission drive system consumes the equivalent of 3.3 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres in the NEDC (New European Driving Cicle). Production of the B-Class F-CELL will commence in late 2009 with a small lot. The first of around 200 vehicles will be delivered to customers in Europe and the USA at the beginning of next year.


smart goes into series production with second generation electric drive

From mid November 2009 the new smart fortwo electric drive will roll off the production line at the smart factory in Hambach, France. Unlike its predecessor, the electrically driven smart fortwo of the second generation is fitted with an innovative and highly efficient lithium-ion battery. It is housed in a space-saving position between the axles, which means that space is not compromised in any way in the intelligent two-seater vehicle. A 30 kW electric motor is fitted at the rear. This provides for good acceleration and high agility with 120 Newton metres of torque that are immediately available.


Bmw ActiveHybrid 7

BMW is proud to present the most supreme and luxurious rendition of hybrid technology ever seen so far in the automobile: BMW ActiveHybrid 7. Based on the BMW 7 Series, this unique car sets new standards for effi ciency in the luxury class. BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is the fi rst car in the world to combine a V8 gasoline engine, eight-speed automatic transmission and an electric motor as a mild hybrid concept. This symbiosis of an upgraded eight-cylinder with BMW TwinPower Turbo Technology and High Precision Injection with a three-phase synchronous electric motor gives BMW ActiveHybrid 7 overall system output of 342 kW/465 hp and maximum torque of 700 Newton-metres/516 lb-ft.


Nissan readies its electric vehicle platform

Nissan previewed its electric vehicle EV platform on a Tiida-based prototype to demonstrate the superior driving pleasure of a pure zero-emission vehicle.  It also showcased a sophisticated EV-IT system developed to support electric driving 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). EV prototype based on the newly developed EV platform Newly developed EV platformThe dedicated EV platform is comprised of a highly rigid body, high-performance motor, compact lithium-ion battery with high power output and energy capacity, delivering outstanding driving performance and safety, while offering a quiet and peaceful driving experience – a unique feature of a fully-electric drivetrain.


Nissan invests in two battery manufacturing plants in the UK and Portugal

Nissan, within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, announced together with the governments of the United Kingdom and Portugal their plans to build two plants for the production of its advanced lithium-ion batteries in Europe. In doing so, the Renault-Nissan Alliance marks the first significant step towards producing batteries for its Zero Emission Mobility Program in Europe.The two governments have offered to extend financial assistance and other support to ensure that Nissan locates the proposed plants within their respective countries.


Kia starts its green market future

Kia has launched its first commercialised hybrid electric vehicle, the Forte Liquid Petroleum Injection Hybrid, onto the Korean market.This move represents Kia’s first step on the road to a greener future with hundreds of millions of dollars of research and development work now coming to the market. Although the UK will not get this model, British motorists will be able to choose to buy Kia hybrid vehicles under the company’s Eco-dynamics brand within three years.The Forte LPI Hybrid is the newest addition to Kia’s Forte family - known as Cerato in some markets and based on the cee’d platform - which includes both petrol-powered four-door sedan and sporty KOUP versions.


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG with electric drive

Mercedes-AMG is paving the way ahead: with the new SLS AMG with electric drive, the performance brand within Mercedes-Benz Cars is developing an exciting super sports car with zero-emission high-tech drive. This model sees Mercedes-Benz and AMG displaying their expertise in the development of alternative drive solutions for high-performance super sports cars, delivering further proof of their pioneering status in this market segment. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMGwith electric drive transforms the vision of powerful and locally emission-free super sports cars into reality thanks to an innovative drive system: powerful forwards thrust is provided by four electric motors with a combined peak output of 392 kW and a maximum torque of 880 Nm.


GM Welcomes Shell Hydrogen Station Opening at JFK

Shell today opened its second hydrogen filling station in the greater New York City area, providing improved access to hydrogen for drivers of fuel cell Chevrolet Equinoxes participating in Project Driveway. Project Driveway selects consumers who sign up on the Internet in the greater New York City, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. to participate for two months at a time in the demonstration. Shell will open a third third station this summer in the Bronx in conjunction with the New York City Department of Sanitation.


New Toyota Prius recycling

Long before the first new Prius reached the showroom, Toyota had plans in place to ensure that when the car reaches the end of its useful life it can be disposed of in an environmentally responsible fashion.When its driving duties are done, more than 85 per cent of new Prius’s can be recycled and more than 95 per cent of its materials can be recovered in a process that only accounts for a tiny proportion (approximately two per cent) of its full lifecycle CO2 emissions.Special attention has been paid to the efficient recycling of new Prius’s high voltage nickel-metalhydride battery with a new process that allows 95 per cent of the battery components to be recovered for re-use with near-zero emissions.


Tesla opens Flagship European Store

Tesla, which sells the world’s only highway-capable electric vehicle, opened its European flagship store in the heart of London’s exclusive Knightsbridge district on June 25.The 5,000 square-foot showroom on Cheval Place is in walking distance from Harrods department store and convenient to Heathrow Airport – a high-profile expansion of Tesla’s international presence. Tesla will also have regional sales and service centres in Monaco, Munich and Zurich, and four new stores in the United States.


Electric smart to go live

Following successful trials in the UK, the iconic, zero-emission, smart fortwo electric drive is ready for small series production. Reaction from customers taking part in the UK trial, including the Metropolitan Police, universities, local councils, architects and energy companies, has proved so encouraging that smart’s parent company, Daimler AG, can confirm that the smart electric drive will go into small series production, with cars coming to the UK in early 2010. The second generation smart electric drive will also be taking part in projects in Rome, Milan and Paris.


New Toyota Prius: efficient design

Inside and out, the design of the new Toyota Prius plays a key role in its ultra-efficient performance and its all-round practicality as a family car. “Minimum outside, maximum inside” was Toyota’s guiding principle. At first glance, the exterior styling is recognisable as a development of the sweeping monoform shape of the second generation model. But Toyota has gone further in refining the detail of the car’s shape to render it even more aerodynamic: the Cd measurement (drag coefficient) is just 0.


New Toyota Prius: cooled by heat of the sun

Climbing into a car that’s been parked for a while on even a moderately sunny day can be an uncomfortable experience and is likely to provoke full-blast operation of the air conditioning, using up fuel and increasing emissions. Toyota has solved the problem with a new solar-powered ventilation system that keeps the interior cool, with no need for the engine to be running. And to make sure the temperature is just right before you get inside, it has produced the world’s first Remote Air Conditioning control, operated using the car’s key fob.


New Toyota Prius harvests the rewards of plant-based plastics

When it comes to environmental performance, new Prius’s achievements are not just about the fuel economy and clean running offered by its Toyota Hybrid Drive full hybrid powertrain. Toyota’s determination to reduce emissions and promote sustainability prompted it to research and develop the world’s first injection moulded material to be derived from plant matter. This new Ecological Plastic is used throughout new Prius, and will be featured widely in Toyota’s new model ranges in the future.


Daimler acquires stake in Tesla

Daimler AG has acquired an equity stake of nearly 10 percent of Tesla Motors Inc. This investment deepens the relationship between the inventor of the automobile and the newest member of the global auto industry. Tesla is the only production automaker selling a highway capable electric vehicle in North America and Europe.The two companies have already been working closely to integrate Tesla’s lithium-ion battery packs and charging electronics into the first 1,000 units of Daimler’s electric smart car.


General Motors Outlines Roadmap for Cities to Plug Into the Chevrolet Volt Electric Vehicle

General Motors today outlined a comprehensive plan of action to help communities get ready for plug-in electric vehicles such as the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. GM announced details of the plan at the Washington Auto Show. "Collaborating with communities such as San Francisco and metropolitan areas such as Washington, D.C. - where there's already an interest in plug-in vehicles - is another important step toward raising customer awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of vehicles such as the Volt," said Ed Peper, GM North America vice president, Chevrolet.


The new Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid BlueMotion

In parallel to pure gasoline and diesel versions, Volkswagen will be bringing the next version of the Touareg to market as a hybrid version too. Average fuel consumption: less than 9.0 liters fuel per 100 kilometers. CO2 emissions: less than 210 g/km. For the first time, there is now a near-production prototype that offers initial glimpses of the full hybrid technology that will be implemented on the future Touareg. This experimental platform has its conceptual basis in the current generation of the SUV.


Mitsubishi Motors to show i MiEV SPORT AIR concept at 2009 Geneva Show

Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is to give the i MiEV SPORT AIR concept model its global debut at the 79th Geneva International Motor Show which runs from March 3 through March 15 at the Geneva Palexpo exhibition and conference complex (opening to the general public on March 5). The i MiEV SPORT AIR explores the future possibilities for zero-emission vehicles, placing a greater bias on exhilarating driving pleasure. The concept model exemplifies the balance between environmental and dynamic performance implied in the tagline Drive@earth, and highlights the benefits of the Mitsubishi electric vehicle drivetrain: - Powerful, instant torque from a beefed-up electric motor - Stable driving and handling and a low center of gravity, due to the in-floor lithium-ion battery - Zero on-road CO2 emissions Together, these features along with the car's "clear cutaway" top allow the driver to enjoy the exhilaration of fresh-air motoring while also highlighting its eco-friendly qualities.


London Mayor Test Drives the Tesla Roadster

London Mayor Boris Johnson has become the latest high profile individual to test drive the world’s only fully electric, zero emission sports car, the Tesla Roadster last week in London. Mayor Johnson, who has gone on record saying that his next car will be electric, was attending a preview of the IQ2 Green Festival on Climate Change conference and exhibition, open to the public on Sunday 25th January at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The event will bring together acknowledged experts in the area of climate change to raise the awareness and stimulate debate in this important area.


Seat presents its electric car project to Spanish government

SEAT presented an electrically-driven vehicle prototype on which the Spanish brand is currently working to Miguel Sebastián, Spanish minister for Industry, Tourism and Business. The SEAT project is an electrically-powered León Twin Drive Ecomotive vehicle equipped with a lithium-ion battery for urban circuits, connected ingeniously to an internal combustion engine for interurban trips, with optimum consumption level. The presentation was made at the SEAT Technical Centre, and was also attended by Antoni Soy, the Catalan government (Generalitat)’s Secretary for Industry and Business as well as the mayors of the municipalities where SEAT’s facilities are located.


Converj: the 'Cadillac' of electric vehicles

General Motors unveiled a further glimpse at the potential of electric propulsion today, this time in the form of luxury transportation, with the Cadillac Converj Concept. The Cadillac Converj was developed as a well-appointed grand touring coupe with a bold design and a host of interactive technology. The four-passenger Converj concept is intended to show how GM’s revolutionary electric propulsion technology – called Voltec – can power a luxury coupe with a typically Cadillac “no compromises” design.


Chrysler ENVI – Plugged into the World

With its rapidly growing portfolio of ENVI-powered electric vehicles, Chrysler LLC is inspiring a personal mobility revolution, creating a new generation of responsible, no-compromise Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep® vehicles for consumers who care about the planet’s future and want to take care of it. Chrysler recently introduced three advanced electric-vehicle prototypes, while expressing its intention to broaden its all-electric and Range-extended Electric Vehicle portfolio across its vehicle lineup.


Chrysler 200C EV Concept: Contemporary Design, Range-extended Electric Vehicle Drive System and Platform for Future Connectivity

The definitive blend of design and technology, the all-new Chrysler 200C EV concept redefines the idea of responsible mobility with a touch of class and sophistication never before embodied so elegantly in one vehicle. “The Chrysler 200C EV concept represents the perfect blend of provocative design and leading-edge technology, as well as the new Chrysler DNA,” said Frank Klegon, Executive Vice President – Product Development, Chrysler LLC. “Chrysler’s latest concept vehicle combines the benefits of progressive, ENVI Range-extended Electric Vehicle technology – which offers nearly zero emissions during daily commutes – with a design that boasts a combination of modern shapes, a planted athletic stance with classic overtones and an undeniably luxurious interior.


Ford's Green Drive moves up a gear for 2009

Ford's exciting new product line-up includes the most fuel-efficient family cars ever offered.  The company's frugal, low emission vehicles and its sustainable production have both attracted praise from the likes of and Which? Ford enters 2009 with an increased number of models emitting under 120g CO2/km and qualifying for road tax of only £35 annually.  The complete new Ford Ka range, on sale this month, falls under the 120g threshold – as do new Ford Fiesta diesels which return up to 76.


Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV

The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited EV is a Range-extended Electric Vehicle that provides a glimpse into the future of a “Go Anywhere, Do Anything” vehicle with renowned Jeep Wrangler capability. “One of our goals at ENVI is to develop electric-drive solutions for every segment and for every customer,” said Lou Rhodes, President – ENVI, and Vice President, Advance Vehicle Engineering, Chrysler LLC. “An electric-drive Jeep Wrangler brings ultimate fuel efficiency and ultra-clean transportation to a market segment whose consumers want to explore the environment to the fullest.


Jeep Patriot EV

Jeep Patriot EV joins the growing portfolio of electric-drive vehicles being developed by Chrysler LLC. As a Range-extended Electric Vehicle, the Jeep Patriot EV combines the electric-drive components of an Electric Vehicle with a small gasoline engine and integrated electric generator to produce additional energy to power the electric-drive system when needed. This provides the positive attributes of an Electric Vehicle with the driving range equivalent to today’s gasoline-powered vehicles.


Dodge Circuit EV

The Dodge Circuit EV displays bold exterior and interior styling with outstanding performance, zero gasoline consumption and zero tailpipe emissions. The Dodge Circuit EV design screams pure sports car from every angle. The Dodge Circuit EV’s profile demonstrates perfect proportions for balanced handling, placing the driver and passenger midway along the wheelbase. At the front of the vehicle, the distinctive Dodge crosshair grille splits the wind, sending it over the long, low hood and cleanly over the windshield and cockpit.


Detroit 2009: BYD e6, world's first production dual-mode plug-in hybrid

As the latest star in a rapidly expanding portfolio of green, high-tech products, the all-new BYD e6 electric vehicle is being unveiled at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The five-passenger e6 will be marketed as a family-oriented crossover vehicle.The pure-electric e6 features BYD's revolutionary battery technology - what we call the Fe battery. The range per charge is expected to be a remarkable 249mi (400km). Performance is surprisingly brisk, with 0-60mph (0-100km/h) acceleration in less than 8 seconds and a projected top speed of 100mph (160km/h).


GM to Manufacture Own Lithium-Ion Batteries in U.S.

General Motors announced at the Detroit Auto Show that the advanced lithium-ion battery technology needed to power cars such as the Chevy Volt will be produced in the U.S. Their facility will be the first lithium-ion battery manufacturing plant operated by a major automaker in the U.S., and it is expected to create new "green" jobs. GM commitment towards the Chevy Volt alone now exceeds one billion dollars. CEO Rick Wagoner was on hand to make the announcement and introduce LG Chem as the partner that will be supplying the lithium-ion cells for the Volt battery pack.


Reva announces lithium-ion electric car and fast charge station

Reva Electric Car Company (REVA), the market and technology-leader in the EV (electric vehicle) personal transport segment, announces the European launch of its lithium-ion (li-ion) battery powered EV the REVA L-ion. Based on the REVAi platform, the current version of the world’s best selling city electric car, the REVA L-ion is the result of more than two years of testing, with a range of 120 km (75 miles) per charge and a maximum speed of 80 km (50 miles) per hour. REVA is also introducing a fast charge station capable of charging the REVA L-ion to 90% in one hour.


Nissan to showcase its green technologies at Eco-Products 2008

Nissan will showcase its latest environmental technologies at Eco-Products 2008, the largest exhibition of environmentally friendly products and services in Japan, to be held from December 11 to 13, 2008 at the Tokyo Big Sight.     Under the Nissan Green Program 2010, the company aims to be a leader in zero-emission vehicles and is committed to produce real-world solutions to reduce C02 emissions. At Eco-Products 2008, Nissan will showcase its zero-emission EV prototype, which is powered by its advanced lithium ion battery.


New road turns traffic into electricity

A new type of road that generates electricity as traffic drives over it could mean British motorists will one day become a source of cheap power, according to green breakdown provider, the Environmental Transport Association (ETA).The Israeli engineers behind the project claim that a 1km stretch of the power-generating asphalt will generate 400 kilowatts - enough power to run 8 small cars.If the system was installed on every stretch of British motorway, it would generate enough energy to run 34,500 small cars.


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