Things About BMW M5 CS Price That You Have to Know

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BMW M5 CS Price

When talking about a luxury car, we would agree that BMW is on the list. Just put the name on the table and everyone would nod in agreement, no matter what model you put that. This includes the newly debuted Club Sport (CS) of BMW M5. That’s why people are going crazy and trying to find out the BMW M5 CS price. Then, when they find it, they will truly go insane.

Before, BMW launched the CS model for the M5 predecessor, the M2. Although the production plan for the BMW M2 CS model got hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, many are still eager to get one to put in their garage. Therefore, it can be a small reason why BMW moved forward with the CS model for the M5.

The Club Sport of a Sports Car

If you note the car model, then you can get a small reason why you have to dig your bank account for $142,000 to get this car. Because it’s a CS a.k.a. Club Sport. This means you can brag to others that you drive a sports car (of a sports car brand?) to whoever is willing to listen to you. Because everyone knows that a sports car’s price is always a notch higher compared to others.

Not to mention, the CS trim of the BMW M5 is lighter than the other models from this series. For once, the non-expert will say it looks similar from the outside. But the excessive use of carbon fiber is a huge difference to make this model less-weight than others.  With less weight, surely it will affect the driving experience that you will get.

Thus, a small justification, you’re getting a sports car of a sports car brand. Thus, it is a little bit extra expensive than the expensive kind of the usual M5 series.

Things to Note From the BMW M5 CS Price

One thing for sure, it’s a common secret that any BMW car has a high value and is more expensive than some. But this CS trim is set on a higher platform compared to the other M5 series. If we can get the other M5 for around $100,000, then we should prepare for around $40,000 more to get the CS. For that reason, let’s try to understand why the CS price is more expensive here:

1. 2022 Model Only

Before you’re diving more into the BMW M5 CS price for the classic model or the future version, you have to know that there’s only the 2022 model only. Even though the German-built debuted this year, there’s no news if we will see the other version of this car.

Just like we found out from several sources, the CS trim car is using a 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 Gas engine with 8-speed automatic transmission. Although it’s somewhat predictable for the car to have a high-end engine and transmission feature, BMW is playing with the quantity limit of this model.

2. The Price is Different, Depending on Where You Live

Yes, you read it right. Depending on where you live, you can get the BMW M5 CS price cheaper or more expensive. For example, the official BMW US listed the starting price at $142,000. But in Germany, you will get this car for €180,400 or in US currency is around $220,621. Although more expensive, it’s nothing compared to France that listed this car at €199,900 or $244,468.

For sure, the USA market is more affordable for BMW lovers. Although usually this brand segment market never thinks twice about the price. Yet for the middle class, bless us for the cheaper price in the US.

3. There’s No Specific Reason for the Price’s Difference

What makes it more frustrating is that we can’t find the reason for this prince difference. Yes, we are aware that France always has a higher price for cars. But, why is a German’s own is more expensive compared to the USA? It’s a mystery to solve.

Yet, from another perspective, it’s more like the difference of where the car is manufactured. For the USA, there’s the South Carolina plant to manufacture and assemble the car. Meanwhile, for the French market, they have to import it from Germany. Also, there’s another probability for cheaper parts for the car assembling between in the USA plant compared to the Germany plant.

The BMW M5 CS price truly sets this car on another level. It’s higher than the other M5 and adding a couple of grand would be twice the other M series. But for you who have a long wait for this car, then the price will be nothing, and getting this car will be your top priority.

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