Here’s Why Rivian R1T Electric Truck Draw People’s Interest:

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rivian r1t electric truck

Living in modern life, we are all aware of how old our earth is. Modern humans drain hundreds of millions of years’ worth of carbon just in a mere time. Therefore, in the near future, there’s nothing left for our future generation. That’s why some people are trying to slow it down by switching to electric cars, including the Rivian R1T electric truck.

Famous for the electric car flagship, Rivian produces tough cars built – such as trucks and SUVs. The American brand targeted the users of the big cars but turned them into the electric type. Therefore, they still have the thought side of big cars, but at the same time giving a small meaning to our mother earth. For more details, look at the list below:

1. Ready for 2022

The Rivian R1T electric truck has not entered the market yet. From the small research we found out that this brand new electric car will hit the road in the early next year. But some sources said that it will start the delivery this June.

Many people are waiting for the R1T electric truck. The first reason is that true Americans still believe that trucks are the true vehicle. Then, put the electric car in the mix – which is still rare – and many can’t wait to start the purchase.

2. A Small Gesture for Lessen Our Planet’s Burden

As mentioned above, our planet is old. But with the way we consume plants and animals based on carbon, we make the earth more exhausted. Not to mention, the emission we produce and fill the air with the fuel we consume, turning the world from its green form into its ashen side.

For that reason, the car manufacturer is trying to shoulder some responsibility and turn the trend into electric vehicle use. This to balance the human’s basic need to mobilize and slow the damage we can do to the earth. And this is the exact reason why people give the R1T much attention.

3. It’s American Brand Truck

Another small fact that you may be aware, that American is proud of their own products. Many believe that the true car is the one produced and manufactured by an American brand. Therefore, some people are truly waiting for the Rivian R1T electric truck with vast interest.

Not to mention, truck users in the USA are usually wary of turning into another kind of vehicle. If they need an upgrade, then they will still be looking for a new truck. By putting an American brand of a truck, then the R1T is having a good start.

4. Affordable Price for Quad-Motor

For comparison, the Ford electric truck price range is around $42,000 to $90,000. Meanwhile, the Tesla Cybertruck with a tri-motor costs $69,900. Thus, the Rivian own R1T which starts at $67,500 is still in its peers’ range. Not to mention, it’s way cheaper than what Tesla offers because the R1T is designed with a quad motor.

5. Capability

Surely, we can’t talk about a vehicle without peeking into its capability. The launched R1T is capable of +300 miles distance at its full battery capacity, although the 2022 ones will have +400 miles capacity distance. Therefore, you can trail up to nowhere with this electric car without worrying over when to charge the battery.  A long weekend drive wouldn’t be a problem or even trying a mountain road.

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6. The Experience

One thing that we all can experience with the R1T in the near future is its panoramic removable roof. Although the earlier model doesn’t have this capability yet, the ones that will be released in mid-2022 will be. Also, the car is using cloud-based technology and computers integrating with a single UI. That way, you can control your vehicle through the Rivian app.

Let’s not forget that this electric vehicle is a truck, thus you can get what the usual truck will give you. Spacious room legs and adventure-proof material is given, despite its category as an electric vehicle. Then, there’s also the Rivian Elevation audio system that will give you the best music experience through your drive.

In the electric vehicle market, the electric truck isn’t something new. But what this Rivian R1T electric truck has is offering will give you another notch of experience while doing your adventure. It’s adding more options, that’s why people are going crazy and can’t wait to get the best experience with this American’s experience.

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