Hyundai Genesis Gv70, The Newest Luxury SUV That’s Worth Waiting

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Genesis Gv70

For luxury car lovers, Hyundai Genesis may be one of the most anticipated cars. Every time Genesis releases its new version, there is a ton of people get hyped as they want to know what the newest version has to attract its consumers. This year, Genesis plans to release its newest luxury SUV car, Hyundai Genesis Gv70 after year before releasing the first Genesis SUV.

If talking about the Genesis Gv80 that come out before Gv70, then you won’t hear anyone bad-mouthing about this car. For the car in its class, Gv80 can be considered a top-tier car. So, when Hyundai Genesis announces the new version, you can expect more about this car, and for you who can’t wait we will give some information about the Gv70.

What’s New?

Although this Hyundai Genesis Gv70 is an SUV car, it’s different from the previous version. Gv70 is a compact-luxury SUV while Gv80 is a midsize SUV. Still, there is some part of Gv70 that has similarities to the previous version such as the powertrain, and transmission. So, if you expect something new from Gv70, then you will not be disappointed as almost every part of this car is brand new.

Handsome and Powerful Exterior

The Hyundai Genesis Gv70 gives full attention to its exterior since it is one of the strong points that this car has. If you look at the car, then you will understand the effort of all staff to make this car outstanding.

A Handsome yet powerful is the right way to describe how Gv70 looks like. With a two-bar headlight and enormous pentagonal grille, the Genesis Gv70 gives a sporty and athletic look. The body line at the side of the car makes Gv70 more elegant and cool.

When you take a glance at the rear side, you will find smooth and gentle taillights. This makes the exterior of Genesis Gv70 so balanced, brimming with sporty, trendy, and also elegant vibes. At the baseline of this car, there are small bumpers and wheels as well as shiny chrome.

Cozy Interior and Features

As you have known, Hyundai Genesis Gv70 put almost all effort into the car’s exterior. However, it doesn’t mean that the interior is abandoned. We can even say that the interior of this car doesn’t step behind the exterior and show the car’s class. In the first row seat, you will see how extravagant the car is.

The combination of red and black color for the seat and dashboard makes the interior look elegant. The gentle light shines from the bottom of the car to the center. The door also gets the light for visibility.

The second rear of the seats doesn’t change that much compared to the Gv80. It still spacious and comfortable with every features this car has such as heated seat control and USB port. The space for the cargo is also large, but there is no info about the capacity.


The Genesis Gv70 presents two types of power machines. The first one is the base version with a 2,5- liter turbocharged that can produce 304 horsepower and 311 lb-ft of torque. The second one is an optional version with a 3,5-liter V6 twin-turbo that is capable of producing 380 horsepower and 391 lb-ft of torque. All the available machines will have an eight-speed automatic transmission as the pair.

In general, this car will have rear-wheel drive, however, the all-wheel-drive is also available and it is optional. When buying this car, you will have four options about the car’s mode. They are Eco, Comfort, Sport, and Custom.

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The Price and Release Date

Hyundai put all of its efforts into making this newest version of Genesis’s SUV car. As a result, a luxury compact SUV car will be present soon. If you want to get a hand at this car, you will need at least $42,045 for the base version. Every trim level of this car will have a different price. The most expensive one can reach $70,000. Nonetheless, you will not see this car in the showroom until the second half of 2021, so you can prepare the money to purchase it.

Last year, Genesis had already released its first SUV car and it was successful. This year, Genesis prepare another SUV that is totally different from the first one. So, will it repeat the previous success or even surpass it?

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