Gather Here for BMW i4 Specifications, the First Pure Electric Coupe

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BMW i4 Specifications

Famous for high-end driving, BMW is not new in the electric vehicle scheme. Just like the M5 CS, it’s not totally a surprise when we got info about the launch of the i4 model. BMW claimed that the coupe is the first pure electric coupe ever. Therefore, many couldn’t wait to know about the BMW i4 specifications. 

The BMW i4 Specific Details

Although many believed that a coupe is a two-door car, this coupe has four-door. As long as the interior has less than 33 feet, we can still call it a coupe – and the i4 categorized as such. BMW announced there are two models for the i4 – the i4 eDRIVE40 and the i4 M50. For more information about this car specifications, here’s the detail:

1. Speed Acceleration

There are many outstanding records from what we gathered for the BMW i4 specifications. The first thing that is notable is the speed acceleration. Because BMW claimed the average acceleration from 0 to 60 in miles per hour in just less than 5 seconds. This number is recorded from the i4 eDRIVE40 needing 5.5 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60. Meanwhile, the i4 M50 only needs 3.7 seconds with the same trial.

For an acclaimed fully electric car, this number is amazing. Because it can prove that an electric car is also holding power. Therefore, lessening the old earth’s burden is not always equal to a bad drive. Since no one will look at you with half interest while driving a BMW.

2. Power

There is a vast difference between the i4 eDRIVE40 with the i4 M50 in the power department. Because for the eDRIVE40 model, the German pride can reach 335 horsepower at its maximum capacity. Meanwhile for the M50 it can produce up to 536 horsepower at its maximum capability. Even though there’s around 200 horsepower range distance for each model, the two models are still great. 

Those power numbers are due to one and two electric motors the i4 was designed with. The eDRIVE40 only has a single motor on the rear axle. Then, the M50 has two electric motors on both axles. Thus, the notable difference of power production.

3. Range Distance

For the range distance, there’s a different modus compared to the previous two specification details. If in the acceleration and power aspects the M50 has the upperhand than the eDRIVE40, then it’s not the case with the range distance. 

Because the record said that M50 only can reach around 240 miles distance, while the eDRIVE is capable of 300 range distance. There’s no exact explanation about this matter, but we suspect that the acceleration capability is taking its toll.

4. Charging Time

Both models of the BMW i4 equipped with 83.9 kWH battery capacity. On the official website, BMW claimed that the battery will be full from zero percent in just less than 8 hours of charging. Surely this is a good bargain for what you can get from this car performance. An overnight charging wouldn’t hurt and keep the i4 to accompany you during the day.

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Here’s How Much You Have to Prepare to Purchase the i4

Although the delivery of the i4 is expected to be around next year during spring, you can start to get an order starting now. Then, around fall of this year, you will get a call from the dealer you put your order at to get the car details. Therefore, we will recommend you to get the BMW i4 specifications in detail.

Yet, if you’re more into the look, then you can start to weigh which one you prefer. Because BMW released some exterior (and interior) looks from both models. The eDRIVE40 is more classic BMW style. On the other hand, the M50 is an adoption from the BMW M series. Thus, you will get the M design badge even if you purchase an i4.

To get one of these cars, you have to prepare for around 60 grand. The starting price for the eDRIVE40 is $56,395 and the M50 is $66,895. This number is surely still in the affordable range from a luxurious brand car. Compared to the other BMW products that we elaborate on in the earlier post, the i4 is still mediocre.

Whichever model you prefer after taking a peek at the BMW i4 specifications, you will still get the goodness that BMW offers. Not to mention, you can still make the pro and con list for both models until this fall to decide which one is your pick.

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