Looking for Audi e-Tron GT Review? Here’s the Highlight:

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Audi e-Tron GT Review
Source: www.audiusa.com

When mentioning luxurious car brands, then we can’t leave Audi behind. Because this brand is the epitome of luxury vehicles. That’s why people couldn’t wait and keep looking for any Audi e-Tron GT review for references. The reason is that the German’s own is on top tier choice when considering for a new drive.

Nowadays, the trend is into electric cars for the more environmentally sustainable campaign which is also where the e-Tron GT heading. Many comparing the e-Tron GT from Audi with the Taycan from Porsche because of their similarity in technology and under the same platform of VW Group J1. Therefore, for more details about this car review, here’s the highlight that you can take a peek at:

1. The Latest One, for Now

From the various numbers of Audi e-Tron GT review we compiled, the e-Tron GT is not the very first electric car from Audi. Even though for now, it’s the latest one from the EV lineup. Not to mention, the upcoming year version of the Audi e-Tron GT will embrace the Rally Sport (RS) badge – which is also the first time for the German automaker.

Compared to the other four-door sports cars, Many believed that the e-Tron GT is more swift. Yet, it still recorded slightly after the Taycan. The reason is that the Audi has a bit taller and longer body compared to the Porsche Taycan. But, at a glance, you will not notice anything.

2. The e-Tron GT Capability

Some people still doubting the electric car flagship for worrying about its performance. But, you don’t have to worry about this matter with the e-Tron GT. With an 85.0 kWh lithium-ion battery, this car can reach 238 miles of distance and make it wouldn’t be too far for the non-RS type.

Meanwhile, for the charging matter, Audi claimed that it will only need 23 minutes to charge from five percent to eighty percent by using 270-kW DC with fash charging mode. This claim surely highly welcomed, moreover for the ones with a busy life.

3. Interior Design

The e-Tron GT surely over more legroom than the two-door sports car. Thus, you can believe hen Audi claiming for a comfortable ride with this car. Not to mention, there are also heated-and-cooled front seats, complete with a massage function. Then, you can also choose the different premium leather color options.

The other excellent thing that Audi offers for the e-Tron GT interior is the similar feeling with sporty driving experience. Because the front seats positioned low enough and almost touch the ground level, getting the sporty car feel. There’s also ambient interior lighting for a more warm interior feeling, a head-up display, and many more.

4. Connectivity

Although the e-Tron GT is not in the first tier for the best connectivity and entertainment under Audi automaker, it still offers an exciting driving experience. Aside from the central touchscreen, there’s also voice recognition software that can differ the owner just by the voice.

Also, several additional technologies complete the future vibe of this car. From the subscription-based Wi-Fi hotspot that you can access, wireless charging for your device, until a powerful sound system with 16-speakers.

5. Safety and Driving Assistance

It’s worth mentioning from the Audi e-Tron GT review that all of the electric sedans equipped with driver assistance technology. This technology is as adaptive cruise control and also self-parking control. Thus, when having this car, you can park the car by smartphone app.

For the safety features, there are several keys that worth noting. Firstly, the warning of forward-collision and automated emergency braking – which is a standard for nowadays vehicles. Then, there’s also blind-spot monitoring that will be a great help and an alert for cross traffic for additional eyes. Lastly, there are warning for lane departure and assistance for lane keeping.

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6. The e-Tron GT Pricing

As a luxury car brand, you wouldn’t doubt when seeing the six digits for purchasing the e-Tron GT. The price range from $99,900 up to $139,900 depending on the model. From the official website, we know that Audi put 3 models for the e-Tron GT version.

The Premium Plus is setting the lowest bar for the e-Tron GT with starting price of $99,900. Add 10 grand, and you can get the e-Tron GT Prestige for $107,100 at starting. Meanwhile, to get the RS model, you have to start with $139,900.

On the final note, the Audi e-Tron GT review said that this car is worth having if you’re looking for a luxury ride completed with comfort. But at the same time, you will still have the sharp look of a sporty vehicle. Although, there’s no news yet if Audi will launch the simpler model of the e-Tron GT – let’s say the rear-wheel like the Porsche Taycan.

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