What Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 is Your Pick? | SUV vs Coupe

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Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43

Still about high-end drive, we couldn’t leave Mercedes Benz from our discussion. Therefore, here we are trying to elaborate on what we know about the Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 – the upgraded version of the GLC 43. Before starting, we should mention that there are two models of AMG GLC 43 – SUV and coupe.

Just like we all are aware, the two models are very opposite from one another. While the coupe is more into city driving, the SUV is good for a long drive. Therefore, before deciding which one to choose, we would like to suggest you dig into each of them. So, here are the details that we can provide:

1. Car Dimension

When talking about both models of Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43, the first thing that we all are noting is the dimension of the car. Surely, many would think that the SUV is bigger than the coupe, which is not entirely true. Although the SUV is notably higher, by the wide and length there’s not much difference between the two versions.

Therefore, the only difference is by the headspace where the coupe is lacking and the SUV is winning. Both versions can only take 5 passengers per trip at maximum, even though the SUV is on the upper hand with a more spacious trunk. Yet, if you’re only driving within the city boundaries, you will not notice the lack of headroom.

2. Engine and Performance

Since we’re talking about the same car with two different models, then it’s given for using the same engine. The AMG-enhanced 3.0L V6 Biturbo can produce 385 horsepower at its maximum capacity of 6,100 rpm. This performance completed with a 4.7-second acceleration that goes from 0-60 mph, which is pretty impressive compared to the new GLC 43 peers.

3. Design

At a glance, you can hardly notice if it’s a coupe version or an SUV version of the Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43. Moreover, Benz branded the AGM GLC 43 coupe as an innovative SUV. Thus, if you don’t take a closer look, you can miss out on which one is the real SUV version.

Just like the usual MO from Benz’s cars, both models have a sleek outer look. While the SUV is all about the elegant yet aggressive appearance, the coupe is all about a sporty vibe. As well for the cabin, the SUV is maintaining the standard style for the GLC class, but the coupe is having more of an edge with the sporty persona.

4. Safety

For the safety measure, you can trust Benz for giving its best. With the active brake assist, you can avoid a collision if an emergency occurs while you’re driving. There’s also an SOS button that connects to the Mercedes-Benz emergency call service if something happens and you need some help. Not to mention, the blind spot and attention assistance are always ready to make sure that you’re driving safely.

5. We Call It Luxury

Here’s where the difference starts for the AMG GLC 43. If you pick the SUV, then you have to be satisfied with the dual automatic climate control from the 3-zone climate control and insulation front side glass for heat and noise that the new GLC 43 offers. Meanwhile for the coupe, alongside the climate control, you can also get 3 years of Mercedes me connect service for more entertainment while on a drive.

Although from the multimedia side, there’s nothing different between the two models. From the analog gauge displayed on high resolution, touchscreen multimedia, digital instrument cluster display, and until the MBUX – the specialized Mercedes Benz UX.

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6. The AMG GLC 43 Pricing

As you probably predict, each model has a different pricing start. The MSRP from the Benz suggests $59,900 for the SUV and $64,900 for the coupe. But the starting price is about 20 grand more than those numbers, with the SUV is $73,590 and the coupe is $80,185. Although this price is far cheaper than the nowadays trend of electric cars, such as the upcoming e-Tron GT from Audi.

Just like what happened to its sister, the GLC 43 is dolled up with Benz-AMG technology. The new version is more in every single aspect compared to the previous release. Thus, now you can pick which model of the Mercedes Benz AMG GLC 43 you’re leaning for. Before anything, make sure to weigh on each factor and decide what drive that you actually need.

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