About the GMC Hummer EV Towing Capacity, Here are the Important Things to Know:

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GMC Hummer EV Towing Capacity
Source: https://www.gmc.com/

We are currently under much pressure to limit our activity during this pandemic moment. But who says you couldn’t enjoy the road and keep all the health protocols, so you wouldn’t stress about being quarantined. Maybe that’s one reason why people are going crazy over GMC Hummer EV towing capacity. Therefore, there’s an escape place by hitting the road and towing a trailer to find somewhere secluded.

What is Towing Capacity?

Before we’re digging more into the GMC Hummer EV towing capacity, let’s take a step back and discuss what this towing capacity is all about. Just like how it is called, towing capacity is your car’s maximum capacity to tow or pull a trailer. Thus, not every car that can pull is capable of pulling every kind of trailer out there. But there’s a maximum amount of weight on how heavy the trailer is for each car.

To make it simple, every person has a different strength capability. One can hardly raise a 10 lb barbel, but another can easily take on a 500 lb. This explanation also works for a car’s towing capacity. Where you shouldn’t exceed the maximum amount of the trailer weight that your car should pull, or it can be dangerous.

About this towing capacity, big cars such as SUVs, pickups, and trucks usually have the capacity measured by the manufacturer. Just like the Hummer EV from GMC. Also, to know your car’s capacity in pulling a trailer, you don’t have to do some difficult math.

What you have to do is a little scan through your manual book, driver’s side door, or even the website. Then, you have to take a look if the number listed there is higher than your trailer’s weight. If your car’s number is higher, then you will safely put the trailer on tow.

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The New Hummer EV Towing Capacity

After a little knowledge about the towing capacity, let’s talk about our main topic here. So, why is GMC Hummer EV towing capacity making headlines? What makes this super large vehicle very special and its towing capacity worth mentioning as a single subject? Here’s the list:

1. It’s Electric Vehicle from GMC

First thing first, GMC wouldn’t wish to get behind in the current trend of electric vehicles. Therefore, we’re getting a new Hummer EV as an electric vehicle around the second half of this year. For sure, many put their faith in GMC and their big cars – including blindly agreeing that the Hummer EV will be another super car from GMC.

There are several models that GMC offers under this Hummer EV flagship. But just like its trademark, it wouldn’t be far from your mark. Yes, GMC is still loyal to SUV, pickup, and truck – including for this Hummer EV. From the web, we happily inform you that you can get two models of this EV, an SUV or a truck.

2. The Mystery is Winning Out

Unlike the heavy promotion like what Tesla did for the Cybertruck, there’s mum from GMS regarding the Hummer EV. We don’t really get details on what’s going on with this gigantic vehicle’s towing capacity. Even in its trailer video GMC still put the towing capacity veiled and put on a different truck to tow a trailer. But we assume it’s just a marketing trick from GMC to draw more interest into the new Hummer. 

3. GMC Claimed the Hummer EV is a Supertruck

Just like we mentioned above, the new Hummer EV is available in two models – truck and SUV. For the truck part, there’s a special mention of it being a supertruck. Therefore, we can blindly assume that GMC is giving its all to the Hummer EV to be above all of its peers in towing capacity. If the Cybertruck is capable of pulling up to 14,500 lb, then this Hummer EV supertruck has to exceed that number.

Although the mystery is heavily veiled about the GMC Hummer EV towing capacity, many couldn’t wait until GMC launched it for the market. Because many believe in GMC and its cars for blindly nodding and agree that their car is indeed a supercar. Thus, that’s also what happens here with the Hummer EV where people believe it would top Tesla’s Cybertruck. Let’s just wait.

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