What Is The Technology Package for Acura MDX? Knowing More About Acura MDX’s Packaging System

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What is The Technology Package For Acura MDX
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Recently, Acura MDX is coming with not only base models but also offers some packages. There are four packages with a technology package as the most popular model. You may wonder, what is the technology package for Acura MDX and why many people choose this package over the other. This time Duemetori will let you know what’s so special about this package.

What is the technology package for Acura MDX?

The technology package is one of the packages or trim levels that Acura MDX offers. Compared to the base variant, of course, there are several changes if you choose to use this package. The most notable upgrade from the technology package is the features.

You can say that the company makes this package with the thinking of how to let the driver and passenger feel more comfortable. That’s why almost every feature in technology is comforting. Without delaying any further, let’s see the detail about what technology package has.

1. Features

Among all the upgrades included in this package, it is the features that look different from the base variant. Even at a glance, you will notice those changes. 8-inch LED screen becomes one of the most remarkable features in this car. This screen of course will really helpful to the driver as it makes navigation easier.  Moreover, the navigation system is equipped with a 3D view and voice recognition, so it will be easier to understand the road.

Aside from the screen in the first-row seat, you can also find two USB charge ports in the rear. For someone who always on phone, the USB charge will be useful since now you can play with the phone without afraid of whether the power will run out. The technology package also uses Premium Audio System with 12 speakers that make the sound better. Furthermore, you can also find Bluetooth and automatic wipers when getting this car.

Navigation and entertainment aren’t the only change in the technology package. The safety of Acura MDX is also better than the base variant. In this package, you will find blind-spot monitoring. This will make you more aware of the surroundings and also help when you want to park the car.

In addition to that, this package is equipped with a front and rear parking sensor, and a rear cross-traffic monitor to keep the safety of the driver and the passenger. Furthermore, this package also has a remote engine start, so you can turn on the engine without entering the car.

2. Performance

In general, there is no notable difference between the base version and the technology package. As the base version, this package also uses a 3,5-liter V6 engine with direct injection. Equipping the car with this kind of engine will produce up to 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque. The engine in this package is paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission that includes a sequential sportshift paddler shifter.

Even though the engine of the technology package is the same as the base version, you still can find the difference in the drivetrain. For this package, you will have some options such as Sport Hybrid SH-AWD that can generate up to 257 horsepower and 218 lb-ft of torque. This Sport Hybrid SH-AWD’s engine is paired with a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission, and that is different from the transmission on the base version.

3. Price

With all of the upgrades and changes in the Acura MDX technology package, it doesn’t strange that this car will be more pricey than the base version. You have to spend $47,925 if you want to get Acura MDX for the base version. However, if the one you want is the technology package, then you will have to prepare $ 52, 625. Though it seems too expensive, when thinking about the benefits this package gives, then it’s worth it.

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When To Purchase Technology package for Acura MDX

As you know, Acura MDX consists of several packages including the technology package. Since there is more than one package, it’s normal if you’re confused about which package you should choose. If it comes to that, you can rethink what you need from the car.

If the thing you need is navigation, audio, and convenience, then the technology package is the right choice for you. After all, this package has the best feature when it comes to that. You can also choose this package when you want to get a better seat.

Now, you have known about what is the technology package for Acura MDX. This package surely has many benefits that are worth its price. Comfort and up-to-date technology become its main weapon to attract people to buy this package.

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