2021 Buick Envision Review: Get a Closer Look for the Handsome Bold SUV

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2021 buick envision reviews

For more mediocre vehicles, many pick Buick as their choice. As a General Motors division, Buick is targeting more into the middle market for its price range. Then, for 2021, the American’s own is gearing up to present their new version build, including the Envision. That’s why people are looking for the 2021 Buick Envision review to compare what makes it different from the previous ones.

Although after going through and comparing the new Envision among its peers, the Buick does not really stand out. Because if we put each aspect into a table and start comparing, the Buick is lacking in many numbers. Yet, as the pioneer of the American’s pride General Motors, many still give the 2021 Envision a chance. Therefore, here take a closer look at the new Envision:

1. Bolder and More Handsome

On each 2021 Buick Envision review, there’s a silent agreement that this new number indeed has a more handsome appearance. Compared to the 2020 version, the 2021 Envision is bolder and rougher on the outside. Thus, it gives the Envision worth more than a second glance and all of us appreciate the Buick for coming up more mature with the scrappy look.

2. Engine and Performance

Even though the redesign is very notable from the outside, we couldn’t say the same for the inside. Because Buick only put a single-engine 2.0L turbo ECOTEC with 228 horsepower, which put the new Envision in average class for its performance. Moreover, the acceleration only records 7.3 seconds from zero to 60 mph. Yet, if you’re not into a quick vehicle, then this Envision is still a good choice.

3. Three Trim Choices

For the 2021 Envision, Buick offers three trim levels: Envision Preferred, Envision Essence, and Envision Avenir. We sensed that the first two trims are more into the mid-levels, while the third one’s target for more luxury car users with budget-saving. Although if we look at the price range, all three of them are still on the affordable side.

Because when you only need $31,800 to get Preferred trim at its starting price. Then, add 4 grand and you will get Essence trim at $36,000. Meanwhile, to get the ultimate Avenir you have to add 4 more grand and get it with $40,400.

You will get all the standards if choosing the Envision Preferred or Essence trim. But if you choose for the Envision Avenir, then you will get the top-notch touch compared to the other trims. For that reason, if you have more budget to spare, it’s worth spending more on the Envision Avenir.

4. The Future Design

This is another good cover from the 2021 Buick Envision review because the new versions’ interior design is on the top tier. With the modernization within the vehicle, Buick is trying to bring your modern-day driving experience. Because this 2021 SUV is all about connected with everything.

You mention it, from connecting with built-in Amazon Alexa to keep you company for the long drive until the wireless connectivity. Thus, you can connect with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto while driving because the new Envision is compatible with those two. Not to mention, everything is touchscreen.

5. Interior Comfort

The new 2021 Envision is all about the user’s comfort and you can still have enough room to enjoy a long drive without being cramped in the cabin. The soft-touch material and massaging driver’s seat are also the other good features that you can get from the new version. 

Sadly though, there’s a shortened dimension of the 2021 version than the previous ones. Thus, it reduces your cargo space to 21 carry-on suitcases from the previously 26 carry-on suitcases. Yet, you can simply manage this by packing lighter than usual.

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6. Safety

For the safety measurement, the new Envision also completed with the standard Buick Driver Confidence Plus. This is a standard for Buick cars with advanced safety and also driver assistance technologies to make sure you have a safe drive. From the HD rearview camera and surround vision, adaptive cruise control, and enhanced automatic parking assist also emergency braking can lessen your driving difficulty.

Getting through with the 2021 Buick Envision review can help you decide if you should consider an upgrade of yours this year. Because the review can help, whether the new Envision is worthy enough to spend your budget or not. Although it is debatable, if you need a mediocre car for comfort drive, then we strongly recommend the new Envision for its budget-saving factor.

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