Curious about Cadillac LYRIQ Specifications? Here’s What We Know So Far:

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Cadillac LYRIQ Specifications

Adding the number that we cover about the General Motors flagship, Cadillac is next in the line. Moreover, the new SUV that will come as a fully electrified vehicle makes people keep close attention to its release. But, even though it is scheduled to launch next year, we got some details about the Cadillac LYRIQ specifications.

Although Cadillac put in their calendar to launch the LYRIQ for next year, the reservation will start in September this year. But even though people go crazy and wish to get one of the LYRIQ for their garage, it’s better you know more details about this car. Therefore, here are something that we could gather for you:

1. The First Generation of Cadillac Electric Car

Getting through the Cadillac LYRIQ specifications information, we happily share that the LYRIQ is the first-ever electric car from Cadillac. Although the other General Motors division tried the electric market field, not with Cadillac and the LYRIQ is going to be their debut.

But even without predecessors to compare, many are still excited about the LYRIQ release. This is what many believe with Cadillac’s track record so far for its car. Cadillac is targeting luxury car users with its price. Therefore, for the LYRIQ it is still the same and nothing changes.

2. Battery

For the battery, Cadillac put belief in the Ultium battery. To balance the car, the battery is positioned with a 50:50 weight distribution just below the cabin. This way, it will give a balanced gravity for the car and make LYRIQ have the sports car sensation and responsive driving.

3. Performance

With the Ultium battery, the energy can reach between 50 and 200 kWh. Therefore, by estimation, the LYRIQ can deliver up to 340 horsepower and go for more than 300 miles (some claimed up to 400 miles). Not to mention, the acceleration rate is among the fastest with just 3 seconds to go from zero to 60 mph.

4. Fast Charging Ability

Another thing worth mentioning about the Cadillac LYRIQ specifications is that the car is designed with fast charging technology. With only 10 minutes charging at 190 kWh charging station for 76 miles range distance. This record is such good news if you’re hitting the road for some trip.

Meanwhile for home charging, the LYRIQ can go 56 miles distance for 1 hour charge with 19,2 kW with Level 2 (AC) charge. Although it took longer, with the charger ability, the result is still outstanding without blowing up your electricity budget. 

5. Go Hands Free

As if coming from the future, the LYRIQ also embraces hands free technology. With Super Cruise, the hands free technology, you can let the car take you away without needing to navigate it. As long as the road is compatible with the system, then you’re safe to try this hands free journey. But no need to worry, because the compatible road is around 200 thousand miles and stretches around the USA and Canada.

6. Keep up With Good Music for Company

Going for a drive is usually equivalent to singing along with your favorite singer with all your heart content. Thus, the LYRIQ is completed with AKG studio for its 19-speaker sound system. All the speakers’ positions are optimized for clean audio without distortion.

7. Comfort Cabin

The next thing that is worth mentioning about the LYRIC is that Cadillac promises for a serene drive. With the noise cancellation technology, you can hear music or have a conversation in the cabin more clearly. This technology is by lessening the noise from sensors on each wheel.

Not to mention, from the first introduction we notice that the LYRIQ has a big dimension. Thus, we highly believe that it has quiet space for the cabin and makes your drive more pleasant. Spacious room and serene surroundings, what a perfect vehicle to have!

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8. Trim Choices

Within our authority, we successfully got some information that there will be several trim models for the LYRIQ. Totally, the information is saying 4 trim models: Luxury, Premium Luxury, Sports, and Platinum. With the variations of the trims, the budget will also vary.

After knowing the Cadillac LYRIQ specifications, surely you’re wishing to get one of these luxury cars for your garage. To get one of these cars, the pricing is starting from $58,795. But it will raise up for additional accessories and also your trimming choice.

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