Detailing for 2021 Genesis GV70 Dimensions, the Mid Size SUV

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2021 Genesis GV70 Dimensions

Another Korean brand that surges the luxury car market is Genesis from Hyundai. With the sleek and elegant exterior, Genesis catches people’s attention wherever it goes. Therefore, Hyundai kept this tradition with the GV70. Not to mention, the 2021 Genesis GV70 dimensions are leaning for a more sporty outside look.

Compared to its sister, the Genesis GV80, the GV70 is leaner and slimmer. With only 185.6 inches in length, 75.2 inches in width, and 64.2 inches in height, this car appears with a sporty facade. For more detailing information, take a closer look below:

1. Confident is Style

One thing we should agree with the Genesis GV70 is this car has a great style. The Korean automaker keeps attention until the small details to make sure that the car came out outstanding. Including when deciding the Genesis GV70 dimension to be this way wasn’t out of what Hyundai planned for the GV70.

Basically, the Genesis series targeted the SUV market. But the GV70 is slightly straying from its original path and aiming for more than an SUV in design-wise. Thus, you can get easily swayed in opinion and it is not regarding the GV70’s identity.

2. Genesis is an SUV

Continuing the earlier discussion, rest assured, that the GV70 indeed an SUV at heart. Even though you got some sports car vibe by its appearance, it still puts the utility aspect at front. To cotton this statement, the GV70 is powered by a 3.5L twin-turbo engine that can produce up to 375 horsepower.

This way, although you’re appearing with a more sporty look of a vehicle, it’s an SUV. Therefore, the strong suit of this car is not for its speed, but for its utility. You can still take the GV70 for everyday use, out-of-town long drive, helping a friend with cargo, and many more.

3. Keeping Up with the Technology

Just as we all know, modernization keeps evolving and Korea is a country famous for its adeptness for advancing technology. Thus, there’s no shock if Hyundai gives it to the 2021 GV70. Just looking at its exterior look, we can tell that this Genesis is a smart car packed with technology from the future.

Let’s start with the Machine Learning of the Smart Cruise Control that navigates the Smart Parking Assistance that you can access remotely. This smart technology is backed up by the radar and sonar camera sensors around the car’s body. Not to mention the 14.5 inches HD screen is playing a huge part in your driving comfort.

4. The Luxury Doesn’t Stop Yet

With the mini size of 2021 Genesis GV70 dimensions, the luxurious side of this car hasn’t stopped yet. Because you can keep up with the smart built-in technology. Starting with 3 years complementary connection to the Genesis Connected Service, to make sure you keep safe driving. With this connection, you can search your destinations by voice with climate control. 

Then, there are also map updates to your navigation system to make sure that you wouldn’t take your car to an unknown road. Another thing that is worth mentioning is the three-month free trial that you can get access to SiriusXM. Therefore, while driving you can tune in to more than 150 channels of news, entertainment, or even talk.

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5. The Easy Way to Get the Genesis

Hyundai promised that the GV70 is hitting the road this summer. But there’s still no information about how much it will cost. Yet, by comparing this car to its peers, the price will be around $40 thousand for more or less. Playing different marketing strategies, there will be no hybrid or electric type of the GV70 – not like its competitors.

Another thing about buying the Genesis GV70, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t want to leave the house in this pandemic situation. Because Genesis offers the Genesis Concierge service that will play as your personal shopper. Thus, you can consult, ask questions, book a test drive, and many more.

For the last few years, Hyundai keeps going forward as one of the prominent automakers in the world that people are willing to consider. By going for smaller 2021 Genesis GV70 dimensions compared to the other series, the Korean manufacturer is trying to reach a new market. Thus, if you’re into SUVs but for a smaller size, you can try to get one of the GV70.

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