Get Closer with 2021 Genesis GV80 Reviews, Let’s See the Highlight:

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2021 Genesis GV80 Reviews

In the previous opportunity, we talked about the Genesis GV70 and its famous ‘small’ dimensions. Therefore, it’s our duty to cover its sister, another luxury from the Hyundai automaker, the GV80. Because we found out that several of the 2021 Genesis GV80 reviews mentioned that the Korean’s pride is in the top list among its peers.

In these past years, it’s clear to see the enthusiasm over Genesis for the premium car market. This is a sight to see because usually this segment is dominated by European and Japanese brands. Therefore, as if wouldn’t let the moment go to vanish without trying, Genesis introduces the GV80. To know more about this car, let’s check the highlighted information below:

1. Performance and Fuel Consumption

From the 2021 Genesis GV80 reviews that we scanned, you can choose what kind of engine that you wish. Because you can choose to get the 3.5L twin-turbo V6 engine or go with the standard 2.5L inline 4 turbocharged engine. If you choose the 3.5L twin-turbo V6, then you can get up to 375 horsepower. Meanwhile if going with the standard engine, you can still get 300 horsepower at its maximum capacity.

Rumor has it that the GV80 will have the hybrid version, just like its competitor. But up until today, Genesis still mums about this matter. Therefore, if you are interested in this car, you still have to queue in the gas station. But don’t worry, because the EPA estimation for the fuel consumption is rather low. It’s only 21 mpg for within the city boundaries and 25 mpg for highway drive.

2. Exterior Look

There’s no bad side to how the GV80 appears on the outside. The car is the epitome of a luxury ride with a more affordable price. Hyundai went all out in the design department with this car by exuding the athletic look. Not to mention, the simplicity is adding its elegance and luxurious feel. Just like the Genesis motto of less is more, it is perfectly projected by this car.

3. Interior Design

You can say that the GV80 is on the top heap among the Genesis line. Because it is bundled with fancy materials such as wood and metal for a design touch. Then, there’s also ambient lighting topped with the infotainment display. 

Another thing worth mentioning is that the GV80 is best in giving access among other SUVs in the optional third-row seat. But the problem is, the space is quite small for adults to feel comfortable back there. Yet on the general seat structure, the seat height is right at hips level on average adult height. Thus, you can easily slide into the cabin without difficulty.

4. Technology

As we know, Korea is famous for its technology and it is also represented through the GV80. After scanning the 2021 Genesis GV80 reviews, we conclude that it’s number #1 for its driver assistance technology. Just mention it – from the automatic parking, highway driving, until the technology to avoid any forward collision – the GV80 is truly coming from the future.

Then, move forward to talk about the HD multimedia for entertainment and the navigation system. Placed at the center dash, it’s easy to access and simple UX. Lastly, there’s the HVAC control with a touchscreen that makes you easily control the cabin temperature. 

5. Accessories

What a good vehicle without its accessories? Therefore, Genesis grants the GV80 with a wheel lock system to protect your vehicle. Then, when loading and unloading cargo it’s common to get a little scratch. But you don’t have to worry because there’s a bumper applique that helps the GV80 keep looking new. Lastly, still about cargo space, there’s also a cargo tray to protect your car from any damage.

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6. How Much It Cost

From the official website, Hyundai announced that the starting price for this SUV is $48,900. But from the other source, it varies depending on the trim level that you choose. The lowest price is for 2.5T trim with only $49,925, a little higher than the MSRP. Meanwhile, the most expensive one is the 3.5T Prestige with $71,795.

Between those two, there are 4 other trims: 2.5T Advanced, 2.5T Prestige, 3.5T, and 3.5T Advance. Thus, the price varies between $50 grand to $70 grand.

Before getting yourself one, it will be best if you dive through the 2021 Genesis GV80 reviews. That way, you can make sure that you get what you need. Or better yet, you can also try to reach the Genesis Concierge. This is the shopping assistance that Genesis provides for you to ask questions and information and many more.

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