The INFINITI QX55 Price is Above Average, What Makes It So Special?

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When talking about the compact luxury SUV, we shouldn’t miss out on the 2022 QX55 from INFINITI.  Although the INFINITI QX55 price is above average for its class, yet understandably still lower compared to BMW X4 or Benz’s GLC. Therefore, we’re here trying to take a closer look at why it’s more expensive than its peers.

How Much Does It Cost?

From the official web, Nissan listed the INFINITI QX55 price for $46,500 at MSRP. Therefore, it’s the base price that you have to prepare, excluding personal customization that you may ask for the car. Some other sources even suggest that you have to prepare for around $57,000 to get fully loaded QX55.

Surely, this cost number is much higher compared to its sister, the INFINITI QX50, which shares many common features. The QX50 starting price is lower by more or less $18 grand at the starting price. But, since the QX55 is more expensive, surely there are several plus points that make it more valuable.

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What Makes It Different?

Then, what makes the INFINITI QX55 price higher than its peers? What makes Nissan’s luxurious compact SUV stand above the others? Therefore, take a closer look at our explanation below:

1. It’s a Crossover, but Not, Yet It Is!

Alright, this point is confusing, but it’s true. On several reviews, INFINITI QX55 is listed as a compact SUV. But by appearance, it looks like a sedan and/or a coupe. Meanwhile, the official page describes it as a crossover, but NOT your everyday crossover. This is that the new INFINITI QX55 is making the long-awaited comeback after two decades with much more upgrades.

2. Bring Back the INFINITI FX to Life

What we talk about the long-awaited comeback of the QX55 is about its model, which is adopting the INFINITI FX. The FX was one of the most wanted INFINITI cars for decades. It has a crossover body build that is targeting the coupe model segment. Therefore, when Nissan first introduced the QX55, many couldn’t wait for the release since the car’s body was nostalgic.

Not to mention, even though using the old model design, it adapts the modern touch. Thus, not only the new QX55 is still stylish but has the individual touch that makes it stand out on its own. The car is eye-catching and unapologetically stunning that many couldn’t wait to get one.

3. Take the Inside Look

The QX55 is all about comfort but doesn’t neglect the styling factors. Thus, the asymmetrical cabin is something you wouldn’t experience with any other vehicle. But it’s worth repeating that the cabin is still as comfortable as any luxury car cabin should be. 

Also, there’s the modernizing factor that completes this new INFINITI QX55. From the multimedia and infotainment system, the 16-Speaker from Bose, WiFi hotspot, to the full wireless connection to the Android Auto and/or AirPlay to make your drive more comfortable. INFINITI’s trademark for the QX55 is that the Luxury Should Be Lived In, which means you can feel the luxury of living through this car.

4. Future Technology

Today is the future that people from decades ago imagined. Therefore, it’s also what INFINITI hopes to achieve with the QX55. Because this car packed with technology, that even though it seems like coming from the future, they are in our everyday life.

The blind spot warning will assist you while driving. Then, there’s the driver assistance that will make traffic more manageable. Not to mention, there’s a special camera that can detect moving objects and the head-up display to make sure that your attention is on the road. Also, a warning system that can predict forward collision before it occurs can help you avoid one.

5. Specifications

If you’re getting one of the QX55, then you have to make sure to fuel it with the gas premium only. For the fuel consumption, EPA estimated it only needs 22mpg for city driving and 28 mpg for the highway. Then, the 2.0L VC-turbo 4-cylinder engine is ready to produce 268 horsepower at 5,600 rpm, completed with the intelligent all-wheel drive.

With those details mentioned above, it’s understandable for the INFINITI QX55 price to be about that range. Although some may think that it’s too much above average, we will say that it’s still around the affordable cost for this car.

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