8 Kia Seltos Size Comparison with Its Competitors that You Would Like to Know

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Kia Seltos Size Comparison

Debuted in 2019 at the Los Angeles Auto Show, the Kia Seltos caught on the spotlight. The Korean brand is all about the compact appearance of its new SUV. For the Seltos, Kia chooses to highlight the muscular and rugged aspect. But some don’t feel satisfied with its size and make one on one Kia Seltos size comparison with its competitor.

This is that the Seltos were trying to blend between Sportage and Soul – SUV ft hatchback. But many came with a love-hate feeling regarding the rough appearance of the compact SUV. For that reason, we’re trying to come up with some comparison between the Seltos and its competitors below:

1. Kia Seltos vs Audi Q2

When talking about the Kia Seltos size comparison with the Audi Q2, then there’s several pluses and cons for the Korean brand. Firstly, in regard to your money value, then the Seltos is winning outright. But when you compare the comfort of SUVs on this side, then the Audi is on top. This is that Seltos isn’t as comfortable as it should be on a gravel road.

2. Kia Seltos vs BMW X1

Again, the Seltos is still winning for its money worth. But for a more spacious cabin, then the choice is going to be on the X1. Although the Seltos’s advanced safety suit is only available for GT-line, it’s still better than what the X1 offers for its price. Therefore, Kia’s brand is still a good choice in this comparison.

3. Kia Seltos vs Ford Escape

Then there’s the Korean brand vs the American’s pride. For the pricing value, Kia is still having a little win in this third round. But from the exterior look, Seltos looks too rugged compared to the Escape’s sporty appearance. Meanwhile, Kia’s having a quiet difference between each model, the Ford Escape is more balanced in solving this matter.

4. Kia Seltos vs Haval H9

The next Kia Seltos size comparison is with Haval H9. For the price matter, both Seltos and the H9 are around the same range, with Seltos’s base price slightly lower by $5 grand. Kia’s package is more enhanced, but the Haval is more comfortable to ride. The bad side is that Haval only gives a short while warranty, while Kia only puts the availability of the parcel shelf for the Sport+ trim.

5. Kia Seltos vs Holden Acadia

Although the Seltos has a muscular and rugged exterior look, yet for the interior, Acadia is the one with a more similar feel to the truck. Therefore, it’s arguable there are some enthusiasts of both cars that might go neck to neck debating over which one is more macho. From how much these cars cost, both are worth spending.

6. Kia Seltos vs Honda CRV

Between the Korean brand and Japanese brand, the Honda is the more known. You can say that Honda is always successful with its campaign, including the CRV. Although having the same price range, CRV is more of a family-friendly vehicle with lots of space that will make a journey more comfortable. Sadly, both cars lack safety measurement.

7. Kia Seltos vs Hyundai Santa Fe

Yes, the Santa Fe price range is higher than the Seltos. But with that money, you got many more advantages for getting the Hyundai car. Even though both automakers share the same home country, they didn’t share the same idea. Because if Seltos is lacking in the safety department, Hyundai went to the extent to make sure that that side is covered.

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8. Kia Seltos vs INFINITY Q3

Both cars are in the same price range but share little things in common. Because while Seltos is trying to appear strong by its rugged and muscular appearance, INFINITI is trying to inject some sporty feel for the Q3. Not to mention the packed look of the Q3 compared to the more prominent Seltos. Yet, Seltos is still on the top for its life-enhancing package while Q3 is lacking in multimedia.

Knowing the Kia Seltos size comparison with its competitors is another way you do to make sure you’re getting the right car. By book, the Seltos is surely winning in many ways, but some others also can see some upgrades. But again, you should get a car on what you need by considering your budget.

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