Polestar 2 Specification, An Electronic Car You Can’t Missed

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Polestar 2 Specification
source: https://www.polestar.com/uk/polestar-2/

As the earth getting older, people start to think about how to save it by creating a friendly-environment car. Then an electric car is getting popular, so is Polestar 2. Before this, Polestar actually still a part of Volvo. but right now it stands on its own feet and becomes one of the best electric cars. With that title, there is no way you wouldn’t want to know about Polestar 2 specification. After all, this is an important thing before buying a car.

The electric car is different from the conventional car. That’s why you can’t use the standard of a conventional car when choosing an electric car. Since Polestar 2 is an electric car, you should know everything about this car, including the specification. So, here is Polestar 2 specification that you have to know:


The most important thing when choosing a car is the performance of the car. Even if the exterior and interior are superb, if the performance of the car isn’t good, then it will be a waste. So, what about Polestar 2? Is there any difference with the other car?

The Polestar 2 is equipped with a 78 kWh battery that produces electrons. As a result, this car is able to generate 408 horsepower. Besides that, this car also can deliver up to 487 lb-ft of torque. For an electric car, this number is impressive.

In addition to that, Polestar 2 also can speed up to 60mph only in 4,1 seconds. This car’s greatness doesn’t stop just yet. After reach 50mph, in just 2,2 seconds this car can reach 70mph. The ability to speed up also balances with this car’s ability to stop. Thanks to the regenerative braking, Polestar 2 is capable to stop completely, even when driving at high speed.

The Battery Life and Charging

Since Polestar 2 is an electric car, it doesn’t need gasoline, instead, this car has a battery and that battery has to charge periodically. For this car, you can take 260 miles once the battery is fully charged. This is of course, not a certain number. Based on EPA, this car can travel up to 100 miles when this car is charged with 37kWh.

For the battery itself, when it’s run out of power, you can recharge it using AC or DC. This car also equipped with fast charging that up to 150 kilowatts. Thanks to this feature, you just need 40 minutes for this car to reach 80%. 

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The Interior And Cargo

The other Polestar 2 specification that you need to know is the interior and cargo. As you know, this car is a part of Volvo in the past. So, it’s not surprising to see some Volvo vibes in the interior of Polestar 2. The car’s notable interior is its combination of plastic, wood, and fabric. Though it’s designed as simple as possible, the interior of this car still elegant and cool. 

For the cargo, the Polestar 2 can accommodate about 15,5 cubic feet of space. Well, it may not as spacious as you think. In the rear seats, it can fit up to 14, 3 cubic feet of spaces, meanwhile in the front seat only 1,2 cubic feet of spaces that available.

Safety System

The safety system is also very important in a car, both conventional and electric car. The safety system has to be perfect or at least work well, so the driver and passenger can drive the car at ease. With this kind of thinking, it’s obvious that The Polestar 2 has a good safety system.

The company installs standard active safety such as forward collision warning with automatic braking. With this safety feature, you can prevent the car from clashing with the other vehicle. How does this feature work? Well, actually it’s a little simple. When you almost or in danger of crashing, the system will send a notification to you about the danger and also advise you to press the brake. As a result, you can prevent or reduce the damage.

The company also equips this car with blind-spot monitoring which will give you information about the other vehicle that in the blind spot of the car. After receiving the information, you can keep the distance, so the other vehicles vehicle doesn’t go into the blind spot.

Polestar 2 specification becomes very important if you want to buy this car. After all, knowing the specification is the same as understanding the car itself. You can treat the car more carefully only if you know everything about this car. So, check the specs of your car before you decide to buy it.

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